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Research &Benefits

Naomi and I feel it is critical to evaluate the efficacy of our work.  The research that we have done in the past and continue to do now is a prudent part of taking care of people and helping people develop an understanding what to expect from care.  Given that the only way to understand where a person is in the illness to wellness spectrum we have adapted a Quality of Life Survey to ask these most important questions.

This process resulted in a multi year survey of our practice members to determine how ELAN had made a difference in their lives.  The results were overwhelming (in a good way).   Please take a few minutes to look over this graph it can really help you with your expectations.

Over 90 percent of our practice members have become more compassionate and loving toward themselves and others.  That single finding is the most important one in the realm of healing and wellness.  Life enjoyment goes up as relationships improve.

More Physical Health

91.3 % of practice members have had significant physical changes.

Improved Mental & Emotional Health

87% of patients have had significant changes mentally and emotionally.

More Life Enjoyment

82.6% of patients have found their life enjoyment to have gone up.

Better Overall Quality of Life

78.3% of patients report their overall quality of life has improved.

Check out the following graphs -